Assessment & Communication

Grade Six Assessment Plan

Students’ learning will be assessed and evaluated in a variety of ways. These include: performance assessments, individual and group projects, quizzes, tests, as well as written and oral response activities. Once evaluated, individual assessment tasks will be sent home in order to communicate students’ progress to parents. In addition, a variety of skills will be assessed on an ongoing basis through reading and writing conferences, math “check-ins,” and continual informal observations of daily work.

Communicating Student Learning (CSL)

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Students' report cards are accessible online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Students will be assessed on a 1 to 5 scale. A copy of this scale is available to the right of this text. If you wish to print the report card, there will be a "print" button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to select either a condensed or full version.

Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Wednesday, November 28 and Thursday, November 29 (4:30pm - 7:30pm)

Please contact the school at any time should you have questions or concerns.

Curriculum at a Glance

In Grade 6, we cover all core subjects as well as Art, Health, Music, Physical Education, and French as a Second Language.  If you would like to see more about what your child will be learning in Grade 6, you can go to the Alberta Education website to see Grade 6 at a glance by following this link or the QR code to the right:

Homework and Student Conduct

Students in Grade 6 will have the opportunity to complete much of their work during class time. However, when tasks are not finished in class, they will be sent home for completion. I post a list of homework, handouts and reminders on my eTeacher page every day, which can be accessed at The students are expected to write in their agenda based on the list that I post. In preparation for Junior High, students are expected to take responsibility to ensure that their agendas include any and all necessary information, but I do not check them on a daily basis as it is important for them to establish the habit of being responsible to do this on their own.

In the event that a student is unable to complete homework due to extenuating circumstances, or if your child has worked on their homework, but was unable to finish it, please either send a note to me in their agenda or send an email to let me know. If a student’s homework is incomplete and I have not heard from you, they will receive a Homework Note, which will be sent home for your signature that day, and an entry will be added to their Student Conduct-Homework file. If your child receives three or more Homework Strikes, a copy of their Student Conduct-Homework file will be sent home for your review and signature. The goal of sending the Homework Note and Student Conduct-Homework file home is to ensure that you are aware of the work that was missed and can take appropriate action to monitor and encourage your child to complete all homework in the future.

Contacting Us

In the event that I have concerns with your child’s progress or conduct, I will contact you, and I would ask you to do the same. You can always send notes in your child’s agenda, call me at the school (780-992-1272) or you can email me.

I look forward to a fantastic year!


Mr. Steven Russell